Here's a list of great websites I love and use frequently:
* Brainpop Jr has a ton of educational videos across all grade levels.  I often show one of these videos to introduce a new topic or standard.
* Have Fun Teaching skip counting songs are fabulous for introducing and reinforcing multiplication skills.  My students LOVE dancing and singing to these songs!!!  
* Edmodo is a great way to collaborate with your class.  It has a TON of options like creating assignments for your students to complete online and posting surverys (polls) for your students to take part in.  You can also download the Edmodo app for your iPads.
* Symbaloo is great for organizing your bookmarks.  Instead of having your favorite bookmarks listed on your tabs, they show up as icons on your screen.  This is extremely kid friendly and makes it easier for them to navigate to your favorite kid websites.

Here's a list of my favorite apps:
* Class Cards is a great app to randomly call on students and keep track of student responses.  No more popsicle sticks!
* Remind101 is another way to communicate with your parents.  It allows you to send a mass text to parents with reminders, announcements, etc.  I use it all the time!!
* Best Timer is a BIG colorful timer that my students love!! It has a variety of funky, cool beats you can choose from .... or let your students choose!!  You can also play music from your music library while the timer is counting down.  The music will turn off when the timer goes off.  Fantastic!
* Educreations is an easy way for to students to showcase their learning.  Check out my Instagram or blog posts for more info about this.  I use it often in my classroom.
* Telegami is a fun way for students to share what they have learned.  They get to choose and design their own avatar to place in front of any image.  Then, they can record their own voice.  My students love this!!!

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