Saturday, January 4, 2014

Professional Goals ... Linky Party!

2014!! Is anyone else excited that it's an even number year?! 2014 has a better ring to it than 2013! With that being said .... it's going to be a GREAT year!


#1) Create a new GLAD unit

GLAD stands for Guided Language Acquisition Design.  It involves many teaching strategies that benefit ALL learners, but it is especially beneficial for English Language Learners.  The strategies make challenging content and vocabulary accessible to all students.  Here are some pictures from the Government Unit I did with my students throughout November. 

GLAD units also place an emphasis on students taking ownership over their own learning.  They help and teach each other.  It's amazing!  

As a teacher, it makes teaching fun! Any learning that can be done through visuals, movement, and chants ... I'm all for it.  When the teacher is having fun, the students are having fun!!! This leads to some POWERFUL learning time.

#2) Create more 
Common Core Resources

I know MOST  of my fellow bloggers have already transitioned to Common Core.  My school is in California.  We will be making the BIG switch next year.  I have been creating some resources with my fabulous third grade team, but it's a process.

I'm so thankful for TPT and my fellow blogging community for times like this.  I'm a VISUAL learner ... HANDS DOWN!! Without a visual, I'm lost.  TPT and ALL the amazing blogs out there are my GO TO when I need a starting place.  

Here's a FREEBIE of some questioning posters my team and I came up with for CCSS RL3.3.  This standard involves character traits and description.

My goal this year is to create more common core products on TPT.

3) More 
laughter & dancing

Ask anyone at my school, I love music and I love to dance with my students.  Maybe that's why I love the Ellen Show so much.  Dancing with her audience ... AWESOME!!!  

Usually if I'm having a stressful day, I turn on music.  It's amazing how music can change the mood of the class ....  ESPECIALLY ME! No joke! I need to do this more often.  When all else fails, take a breath and turn on some music.  

Enjoy the New Year with your students!!!


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  1. Love your goals! The Glad concept looks amazing! Thanks for linking up today!



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