Sunday, June 1, 2014

June "Almost Summer" Currently!

Hi my teacher peeps,

   Of course I'm linking up with the always fabulous Farley for her monthly "Currently" linky party.  This one is especially fun because it reminds me how close I am to summer break. 

* Listening -
   I never get sick of Sex and the City reruns.  So funny!

* Loving -
   Countdown to summer break!  Only 9 more work days to go!  Super exciting!

* Thinking - 
   I'm almost done with my end of the year check off list .... report cards, cumulative files, gifts, placement cards, inventories, cleaning, organizing, parties, Sports Day, etc.

  These are the portfolio covers I made for my students.  I bind most of their BEST work (mostly writing and art samples) into a book.  It's a great culmination present.  My students always love looking through them.  I'll be blogging more about all my end of the year events, activities, and projects soon.

* Wanting - 
    I could really go for a cold, refreshing margarita.  Gym or margarita??? Hmmm ... it's a toss up!  It's so dang hard to be good.

* Needing - 
    I need to wrap LOTS of little gifts for all the people who help me during the year.  There are so many people (like my amazing classroom volunteers, aides, and coworkers) who truly make my life so much easier.  They help to make my students successful and ensure that they have a FAB year!!!

Bath and Body is always a great go to!  Right now, they have a bunch of awesome beach and summery scents.  I got a bunch of hand soaps and mini candles.  I whipped up the tags below to go with this summer theme.  Click below to grab a FREE copy!
* Summer Bucket List -
    Of course, I will relax and play with my family and friends. 
    I want to work out.  Usually, I don't work out much over summer because I'm having too much fun, but this summer I really want to stick with it.

   I want to redecorate my room.  I get most of my inspiration from the incredible Melanie over at School Girl Style

I'm thinking I'm going to go with one of her newest collections ..... I Heart School!

Super cute!!!

Happy almost summer!!! I know a lot of my blogging friends are already on summer break. Thank you for sharing all your cute ideas on how you survive this time of year.

Don't forget to head over to Farley's blog to link up.



  1. I found your blog on the June Currently. I am a new follower! Enjoy your last few days of school!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  2. I was watching Sex and the City reruns today too! I love, love them!!

    I plan on trying to work out a lot this summer too. Usually, I choose to be lazy and not go. Hopefully I can break out of that pattern this summer!

    1. Yes! Let's break the pattern together!!! :)

  3. I've been looking at the School Girl Style also. I just love it!

    I recently discovered Blogilates:

    and it's really helping me stay in shape. I can do it from home after the kids are in bed. It's working out for me much better than going to the gym.

    Good luck!



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