Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Fall!!!

I'm so excited to start my blog!! Yay! This is my first blog!! I can't wait to share my ideas with others.  I get so many great ideas from other teacher blogs.  I'm always so impressed with the creative and clever ideas out there!

Even though summer is my favorite season, October is one of my favorite months.  I love the colors, decorations, and art projects I do with my students.  I love going to Lombardi Ranch, a family owned ranch in my hometown, to get pumpkins and the BEST corn on the cob ever!!!
The entrance to Scarecrow Alley at Lombardi Ranch

  One of my favorite art projects during this time of year is my Frankenstein Art.  This art is based on the book Frankie Stein.  It's a cute story!!
I love doing directed draws!! They always come out great.  Even though I give the students step by step directions, all finished products come out differently and are SO unique.  Here's the basic template and a few AWESOME student samples.  Feel free to use it in your classrooms.

My students loved making these and were so proud of themselves!! Enjoy!

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