Monday, November 5, 2012

Quote-ly Speaking

I'm crazy about quotes! I post them ALL over my classroom.  They are like warm little fuzzies!! 

It has been CRAZY at work ... crazier than usual that is.  I was feeling a little stressed today and had to remind myself to take a breath, to be thankful, and to focus on the things I LOVE about my job ... like my stinkin' cute students!

During this season of giving thanks and reflecting, I decided to start "Quotely Speaking." I will post some of my favorite classroom, teacher, and personal quotes once a week on my Facebook page.

Here is a freebie!! It's a typed up list of quotes that are posted in my classroom .  This list is included in my Back to School Night packet and placed in my students' classwork folders.  When my students  need reminders to try their best, to do the right thing, or to be positive, I often refer to a quote!! 

Here are some pics of my posted quotes.  

This one is obviously not a quote, but it looks cool & really helps my phone monitor. :)

 Enjoy, relax, breathe, & be thankful!!!

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