Sunday, February 9, 2014

Five for Friday (Sunday)!! Math, Read Alouds, and Of Course Techie Stuff!!

Hi my teacher peeps! I'm finally getting around to linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! 


1) Read Alouds 
      I've recently came across Miss Smartie Pants Photo Challenge for February on Instagram.

Day 7 was to post your favorite read aloud.  I decided to share a few of my favorites here on my blog.  All of these books help with teaching a lesson, descriptive writing, narrative writing, or character traits.

Great book about the power of our words and not judging others!

Great book about being unique and proud of who you are! 

I remember my third grade teacher reading this book to me.  It's silly and quirky!
Great book for teaching descriptive writing.

Great book about helping and reaching out to others!

Who doesn't love Charlotte's Web?! Great book about friendship!

A touching book about friendship and imagination! This is a tear jerker.
I only read it if I have a mature group of students.

Great book about individualism and loving who you are!

Great book about being comfortable in your own skin
and being proud of who you are!

2) Math
     As my school district transitions into common core, I have been using math manipulatives MORE and MORE.  My students have been using them EVERYDAY!!  I decided to hang a math manipulative bag from each of my students' desks with a binder ring.  Whenever my students need to PROVE their answer, they can quickly grab what they need without getting out of their seats.  

3) More QR codes
     I'm slightly becoming obsessed with QR codes.  They are still pretty new to me .... but I love them!! My students love scanning them.  I included them on my morning must do list.  These link to a list of commonly used homophones to help my students with their morning work.  This is much faster than having my students search for it online .... and it's more fun than bookmarking it.

4) Morning Message
     Each morning, I have this displayed on my smart board.  My students read it as they are walking in.  Instead of coming up to me with A LOT of questions, they read the board.  It also lets them know what's going on.  I know I like to know what's going on ... similar to getting an agenda at my staff meeting.  

5) My New Phone Case
     I LOVE my new phone case.  So cute!  Thanks mom!

That's it! Five for Friday (really Sunday)! 

Happy Valentine's Day!! I'm ready to print these out and attach candy to them for my students.  

You can grab them with a Valentine's Day writing activity from my TPT store. 

Enjoy your week,

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