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Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Currently and a FREEBIE!!

Happy March!! Time for Farley's Currently!! Be sure to check out her adorable new blog design and link up at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

   I'm listening to Saturday Night Live recorded from last night.  It always cracks me up.  Click below to see one of my all time favorite clips from the show.  Of course it's Jimmy Fallon with Justin Timberlake.  So funny!!

  I LOVE my Mr. Sketch smelly markers!! I use them to make charts and grade papers.  They last a long time and they smell GREAT!!!  

  Which Dr. Seuss treat I should make for my students?  I can't believe it's already March.  So crazy!  Last year, I made jello parfaits to celebrate The Cat in the Hat.  My students loved them.  

I think this year, I might make these simple treats with oreos, icing, and Life Saver gummy rings.  

  I'm about to make some chicken noodle soup to get rid of this sore throat.  The LAST thing I want to do is write sub plans!!! I know my teacher friends understand this.  Instead, I'm going to load up on vitamins and ignore this cold.  Haha!

  I can't believe the second trimester at my school is coming to an end .... that means report cards and parent conferences!!! Yikes! Hopefully, I'll get all my comments done today!

  In honor of Read Across America, my question is "What are your favorite NON TEACHER books?"  I love reading and escaping into the author's world.  These are a few of my recent faves.  

This is the final book in the Divergent trilogy.  Great read!

This is such a sweet story told from the perspective of a dog.  Loved it!!

This is a sad one, but a sweet story about life and relationships.

Happy Read Across America!!! What are some of your favorite NON TEACHER books?  I'm ready to start reading a new book.  

Be sure to stop by my TPT store or my Facebook page to grab FREE St. Patrick's Day Bookmarks for your students!  Enjoy!

Happy reading,


  1. I love the oreo hats. Those are so cute. I feel for you about grade cards. We just finished our conferences. Oh yes, I don't think I can pick one favorite book. I love anything by Nora Robert and her alter ego J.D. Robb. Hope your throat feels better soon!
    Fourth and Goal in Fourth Grade

    1. Thank you for the book recommendations!!! :)

  2. Those oreo hats are so cute! I wish I would have seen that last week- we had to do our Dr. Seuss celebrations a week early this year due to some scheduling conflicts! We did the chocolate teddy grahams and mini marshmallows for a treat one day to honor the brown bar-ba-loot bears from The Lorax :) Allegiant was SO good- I read all three books in that series over Christmas Break- I could NOT stop! I am excited to see how the movie turns out! Have a great week!

    Brit :)

    1. Hi Brit,

      I'm super excited to see the movie too! I like the chocolate teddy graham idea. Very cute!

      :) Jayme

  3. I just finished the Divergent trilogy and LOVED it! And actually, The Fault in Our Stars is next on my list. It's hard to find time to read, though! I adore your blog and am a new follower. I found you via March Currently!
    My Carolina Classroom


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