Saturday, April 26, 2014

Academic Fair (aka Open House)

My school had our Academic Fair a few weeks ago.  I wanted to share some of the fab learning and projects my students showcased.

Our central theme was SOLAR SYSTEM.  I was blown away by how much my students learned.  They did such a great job of showing their parents around.  I'm a proud teacher!!!

 My students grabbed an iPad when they entered our class and began their tours of our classroom.

* QR Code Scavenger Hunt - I had these posted around the room.  Each QR code linked to a question or task for my students to complete.  "What causes the Earth's seasons?"  "Describe the phases of the moon."  My students and their families had a great time with this interactive activity.

 * Tellagami - I know I've mentioned this awesome app before .... but I'm going to mention it again.  This app lets students design their own avatar and record their own voice.  They can choose any background (i.e. image from the web, picture from photo library).  Each of my students shared important details about the solar system.  This was a huge hit!! Many parents requested to have their child's Tellagami emailed to them.

* Student Work - We were working on narrative writing.  My students had to write about a spaceship landing in their backyard.  They did a great job with figurative language.

 New Planet Discovery - My students created their own planet.  They had to describe their planet's size, temperature, surface (atmosphere), and location.  They also designed their own planet and brought it to life with the ColAR Mix app.  Awesome!

* Earth Day connection - My students wrote down important details about Earth and ways they can take care of our planet.  Click here for a FREEBIE.  We used pointillism for the Earth. 

 * Constellations - My students designed their own constellations.  Here are a few of my faves!

 * Solar System Lapbook - My coworker found this gem from Amber Polk on TPT.  It's amazing!!

* Powerpoint presentation - I had this showing on my smartboard.

* Charts, charts, and more charts!!

* Decorated classroom - Voila! Here are some pics of my entire classroom and some cute decorations. 

May the force be with you,

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  1. Wow! Everything looks fantastic! I know you had some VERY impressed parents!

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith


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